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Retirement Planning Course

Planning for retirement and choosing to take payment of your LGPS benefits is an important decision for you to make in the future. It is important that you plan your retirement carefully and understand the choices that are available to you as a LGPS member.

The staff of the Greater Gwent (Torfaen) Pension Fund are not able to provide financial advice. However members can get help in planning for their retirement through attending the Affinity Connect pre-retirement course. The course covers the key aspects for retirement planning including changes to your lifestyle and income needs, state benefits, taxation and estate planning and the choices you may need to consider for yourself and your dependants.

Our LGPS members who have attended the course previously have told us they have found the course both useful and informative to help them plan for their retirement.

You can download an information leaflet from our website which will give you more detail about what aspects are covered on the course.

Affinity Connect Course leaflet

A list of future dates and locations for the course are shown in the table below. You do not have to be employed by one of the local authorities to be able to attend, as the courses are open to all members of the Greater Gwent (Torfaen) Pension Fund.

You can book your place on the course for any of the dates shown by completing the booking form and returning it to Affinity Connect. 

Course booking form


Workshop Name




Torfaen County Borough Council (Retirement - 1 Day)


9.30 - 3.30


Torfaen County Borough Council (Retirement - 1 Day)


9.30 - 3.30

























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